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    Cradlepoint BF05-03005GB-GN NetCloud Ent Branch 5yr E300+5G

    Manufacturer: CradlePoint

    • • 5G NR & Cat 20 LTE; Cat 18 or Cat 7 LTE
    • • 5G embedded or LTE options
    • • Industrial Plastic
    • • 5x GbE (LAN/WAN switchable), 1x SFP+
    • • 1x USB Port

    SKU: CRA-BF05-03005GB-GN
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    5-year NetCloud Enterprise Branch Essentials Plan and E300 router with WiFi (5G modem), North America

    The Cradlepoint NetCloud Enterprise Branch Service with E300 Series Router is ideally suited for providing 4G and 5G cellular connectivity, agile VPN security, and cellular optimized SD-WAN to pop-up temporary locations, branches, stores, and clinics. The all-in-one form factor includes full-featured routing, security, and Wi-Fi, making it easy to connect offices and sites to the Internet and critical applications without the need for extra hardware or complicated configurations. And the embedded 5G or LTE modem means that connectivity is always available from day 1 without waiting for a wired connection.

    For organizations moving to a Wireless WAN, the E300 offers the ability to pair 5G or LTE with a wired link and use a cellular link as a failover connection, hybrid WAN or a primary connection. For an all-wireless WAN, the E300 offers 5G or LTE performance, which can support the throughput needs of a small- or medium-sized office with the ability to add a second cellular connection to increase available bandwidth and reliability.

    5G has emerged as an essential WAN infrastructure to offer agile and reliable connections. The E300 Enterprise Router with 5G cellular intelligence makes it easy to deploy 5G-enabled networks while optimizing both cellular and wired traffic to enhance application performance. Security postures can be reinforced, and attack surfaces minimized with zero trust privileged access, protected IP addresses, detailed security policies and consolidated authentication usage.

    Additionally, the E300 router can serve as the user equipment router for private cellular networks that provide reliable local area network connectivity where wireless LAN fails to meet the network needs due to large areas or excessive congestion.

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