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    Epygi QX-0FXS-2400 QXFXS24 Gateway

    Manufacturer: Epygi
    SKU: EPY-QX-0FXS-2400
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    Utah : 0
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    The ability to use a large existing analog telephone base with a new IP telephony network is a very important requirement for many companies who are adapting to the Digital Age. The QXFXS24 Gateway is the perfect solution for your business because it can be added to an IP network, therefore allowing your existing analog phones to join the new VoIP network. The QXFXS24 can be stacked for additional capacity. The QXFXS24 provides a number of powerful features not found on standard FXS gateways, including a detailed call routing table with digit manipulation options.

    This Gateway can be installed with any SIP-compliant IP PBX on the market or plug-and-play with an Epygi IP PBX. The modular approach of Epygi Gateways allows you to retain an investment from the past analog phones, while adopting the latest technology with ease.

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