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    Microchip PD-USB-DP60 PoE to USB-C Adapter

    Manufacturer: Microchip
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    The Microchip PoE to USB-C® adapter connects IoT devices with a USB-C connector to Power over Ethernet (PoE) networks, enabling users to leverage the advantages of PoE and USB-C technologies. The PD-USB-DP60 is a PoE to USB-C adapter that provides both power and data to USB-C hosts and power to USB-C Powered Devices.

    The PD-USB-DP60 adapter enables flexible installation of USB-C devices, removes the need for a close power outlet and resolves the issue of limited USB cable length. The PoE source can be up to 328 ft/100m from the location of the USB-C device. A single Ethernet cable is needed while delivering up to 60W of USB power at the output of the adapter.

    The PD-USB-DP60 connects with small PCs/Next Unit of Comput- ing (NUC), interactive informa- tion kiosks, smart monitors, tablets, laptops, cellphones, cameras and other USB-C powered devices consuming up to 60W. The adapter is compat- ible with USB2.0 and 3.1 and will automatically provide to the end device the exact amount of power it needs.

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