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    Platinum Tools 15046C Stub-End Coax Cable Stripper RG59/6 Clam

    Manufacturer: Platinum Tools
    SKU: PLT-15046C
    Ohio : 3
    Utah : 0
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    A common scenario in retro coaxial installs is finding the stub end of a coax cable protruding on the inside of the wall outlet or MDU box. Stripping a standard coax cable is difficult due to the restricted terminating space. We have the solution. Use the Stub-End Coax Cable Stripper!

    • Strips in restricted terminating space
    • Rotates like a screwdriver and in either direction
    • Built-in braid comb for combing braid back over jacket
    • Replaceable blade cassette, no adjustment required
    • Strips both RG59 and RG6 coax cable
    • Braid Strip Dimension: 1/4" / 0.250" / 6.3
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