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    QuWireless APBM5M 4x5G for BR1 Mini 5G

    Manufacturer: QuWireless

    • • 5G
    • • 617-6000 MHz
    • • 7 dBi
    • • Directional
    • • IP67

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    Utah : 0
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    QuMax for Peplink MAX BR1 Mini 5G is a high performance directional antenna designed for use in a variety of wireless communication applications. This all-in-one product consists of multi-band 5G antennas integrated in IP67 enclosure. It offers 7.5 dBi gain and wide beamwidth, which makes it suitable for use in both urban and rural environments.

    Combining QuMax with Peplink MAX BR1 Mini 5G inside the antenna housing gives you complete outdoor solution with mulitple use scenarios such as transportation public, energy, mining IoT and more.

    The set contains a PoE splitter, allowing you to split data and power from a single Ethernet cable and maintain gigabit transfer speeds while protecting the LAN port from damage caused by overvoltage, short circuit or improper connection.

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