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WaveRider RMA process:

**WaveRider handles all RMA’s directly.

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Returning Defective Equipment

Customers encountering an issue or problem with a Vecima Networks product are encouraged to work through all possible avenues prior to sending the product back to one of Vecima Networks’ Authorized Repair Depots. The customer should attempt to resolve the problem through the vast information on the knowledgebase at http://www.wr.vecimasupport.com/. Please contact Vecima Networks via WEB access:http://www.wr.vecimasupport.com/ to create an eTicket. If the problem is unresolved and it is deemed by technical support to be a defective product, the Customer can then request a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number with accompanying instructions, by following the procedures outlined in this document.

Warranty Repairs

No returns for refund will be accepted. For warranty service or repair, the product must be returned to a service facility designated by Vecima Networks. Authorization to return products must be obtained prior to shipment. The Vecima Networks RMA number must be on the shipping documentation so that the service facility will accept the product. The buyer shall pay all shipping charges to Vecima Networks and Vecima Networks shall pay shipping charges to return the product to the buyer within Canada or the USA. For all other countries, the buyer shall pay shipping charges as well as duties and taxes incurred in shipping products to or from Vecima Networks. Please ensure the unit is cleaned before shipping as a courtesy to the repair depot. If it is determined that there is no fault found (NFF), the customer will be charged $75 USD or CDN. This charge will be at the discretion of Vecima Networks. The RMA is valid for 30-days from date of issue. The product must be received by the repair depot within these 30-days or the shipment may be refused. After 30-days the RMA number will be flagged as expired and cannot be used.


When a unit is returned as defective and through testing is determined that the unit is not defective (No Fault Found), Vecima Networks, at its discretion, may charge test time of $125 USD or CDN. For out of warranty repair prices please contact our Support Desk through the e-ticket system. The repaired unit will have a 90-day warranty from date of return. Return Material Authorization (RMA) Process

Step 1:
Contact the Vecima Networks Customer Support Desk WEB site and request a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number through an eTicket. Please have the model, serial number and a clear problem statement for the unit. You will be given an RMA number and Vecima Networks will send the RMA instruction package via the eTicket.

Step 2:
The RMA number MUST be on the outside of the package. All material returned to Vecima Networks must be accompanied by a RMA form.

Step 3:
Upon receipt of the product and the RMA, if it is determined that the return RMA is out-ofwarranty, the problems were the result of incorrect handling or that no fault/defect was found, then Vecima Networks will contact the Customer to arrange for billable service and/or return.

The return shipment will be sent via collect freight to the customer. This applies to exchanges requested via the Standard Warranty return to depot.

* Vecima Networks has the right to refuse receipt of any return RMA shipment that is not sent by pre-paid courier.